Random Rainbows

Color Personality Tests
Color can tell us a lot about our personalities and who we are on a subconscious level... More…

Rainbow Organizations
Rainbow. It's such a beautiful word and it can stand for many other things. There are lots of charities and organizations in the world that use "Rainbow" in their name ... More…

New Age Healing and Colors

No matter what your faith or spiritual belief is, you can still appreciate the meaning and many uses of color. Color can have a unique effect on our minds.

The color blue can calm us. Red can excite us. Colors are associated with emotion, feelings, and even personality. Explore and discover how color can be used to alter your mood in subtle ways, enhance your daily life, heal your mind, body and spirit, and even your home or your personal sense of style.

Color and Color Healing
Everything is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and color.

Chakra Color and Meanings
The Seven Main Chakras and Seven Chakra Colours are explored here. If the concept of chakras are new to you, this is a great page to visit.

Chakra Music & Color Meditation
Relax, sit with a straight back, listen to the meditation music, and watch the colors flow together, integrating the 7 chakra colors and sounds into one peacefull meditation.

Quick Color Meditation
Be aware of your mood. Select an emotion from the pull down list below. Click "zone out" and a color will appear for your 2 minute meditation.

Color Therapy Infocenter
An Introduction to Color Therapy. Learn about the history of color therapy, and the meaning and power of colors. Also get color breathing techniques, foods and their color equivalents, learn about treatment of specific diseases with color, and more.

Color Therapy Infocenter
Start meditating and visualizing with these Colored Candles. Also learn about the associated meaning of each candle color..

Learning to View The Aura
There is lots of other things to learn about here related to chakras and auras. Great reading for someone who wants to get serious about working and healing with the bodies energy fields.

The Chakras
A page filled with pictures and information about the chakras and the bodies energy fields.

Color and Feng Shui
Learn about the significance of Colors in Feng Shui practice. Decorate your home and your life with the right colors and the right energy.