Random Rainbows

How Are Jelly Beans Made
(Article by: Gray Rollins)
One of the questions that I hear all of the time as a candy manufacturer is "how are jelly beans made?" This is a very important question and one that has a... More…

The Rainbow Store
So if your looking for that perfect gift, you know, the multi-colorful-tye-dyed type then this is the store for you! Whether it's books about rainbows, clothing, or crystals, you'll find lots of rainbow related products and gift ideas at the Rainbow Store ... More…

Rainbow Cakes
So your hungry and you want to eat some cake. But, not just an ordinary cake will do ... More…

Rainbow Fun

Lets have fun with Rainbows! There are lots of fun Rainbow and Color related things here. What will you find in this section?

Well you'll find unique photos, to rainbow games, rainbow cake recipes, online paint boards, colorful activity and educational websites for children, color personality tests, vision tests, and more.

If you are bored and looking to brighten your day with some colorful fun then look no further. More to come soon!

Paint Online
This Virtual Online Paintboard lets you draw, paint and color on a virtual artpad. You can save your images at at any time or upload them to the gallery for others to see and vote on.

Rainbow Games
Free Demos of Rainbow related games like "Rainbow Web, Rainbow Web 2, Rainbow Mystery, and more.

Color Tests & Quizzes
Fun color related personality tests, color quizzes and tests for color blindness, Rainbow related quizzes and tests.

Rainbow Clipart & Graphics
Lots of rainbow and multi-colored clipart, web graphics, photos and images for you to use (or just look at)

Rainbow Cakes
Get easy and delicious recipes to some of the most colorful cakes.

Fun Stuff For Kids (or the big kid in all of us)

Rainbow Corner
Julia's Rainbow Corner designed lovingly by Julia's Mom

Rainbow Funhouse
Rainbow Fun House offers Excellent fun and activities for children.

Catch A Rainbow
Super simple science section for kids - catch a rainbow science experiment (and many others!)

Rainbow Trip
Click on the strange different weird parts of the rainbow for odd things to happen.

The Crayola Website
Official Crayola Site. Free coloring pages, craft ideas, lesson plans and games for kids of all ages. Crafts & coloring activities for Kids, Teachers, and more.

Unique and Miscellaneous

An Upside Down Rainbow
An astronomer caught this rare and unusual upside-down rainbow on camera near her home in Cambridge, UK

Rainbow Gathering
Rainbow Gatherings are temporary intentional communities, typically held in outdoor settings, and espousing and practicing ideals of peace, love, harmony, freedom and community...

Rainbow City
Learn all about Rainbow City Alabama by visiting the towns' homepage. Unless you already live there. :-D

New Age Healing & Colors
Learn how to heal your body through colors, learn about the chakras, the aura, get color meditations and more.

Captain Rainbow
Read all about Captain Rainbow the main character in a video game made for the Wii Game System. The characters' real name is "Nick" and he is able to transform into "Captain Rainbow".