Random Rainbows

How Are Jelly Beans Made
(Article by: Gray Rollins)
One of the questions that I hear all of the time as a candy manufacturer is "how are jelly beans made?" This is a very important question and one that has a... More…

Why Colour is So
Important in Fashion

(Article by: Susan Lockhart)
Colour is the first thing other people notice about us, and its impact is immediate and long-lasting. Our fashion colour choices say a lot about the image we are trying to portray and how we ... More…

Rainbow Reading

Rainbow related poetry and stories to brighten your day. You can also find books about rainbows and color. Just sit back relax, and visit the following sites to find inspiration in the rainbow.

Rainbow Poetry

Beautiful Rainbow Poetry
When I Look At The Rainbow, Play with Rainbow, Without A Rainbow, Haiku 'rainbow oh rainbow, and many more beautiful poems about rainbows.

Rainbow Poetry Exercise
This original poetry form is one that is simple enough to offer students with limited English skills the opportunity for creative expression....

Poems About..you know..
Rainbows! There are pages and pages of poetry here. If your looking to read a poem about a rainbow you won't be dissapointed.

Rainbow Quotes
You'll enjoy these many pages of quotations and sayings from famous people about rainbows.

Rainbow Stories

Inspiring Rainbow Stories
Read a few inspirational stories that involve seeing rainbows.

Amazing Rainbow Stories
There is all sorts of stuff here to read. It's all about rainbows!

Myths Legends and Stories about Rainbows
An article and discussion about the myths and legends that surround the rainbow.

Reading Rainbow
Reading Rainbow is designed to encourage a love of books and reading among children ages 4-8. The site features young writers and illustratorís stories, and much more.


Rainbow Books
Visit the FadedRainbows Rainbow Store to get books about rainbow and color, and much much more.

Rainbow Books For Children
More Rainbow and color related books for kids.